Diesel Bus

More Reliable and Relaxed  ZK6930H

Adopting reliable raw materials and advanced technologies, and supported by engine thermal management system, TSM intelligent operation system and so on, Yutong 9 Series products feature great fuel efficiency, durability and reliability, as well as excellent handling and convenient maintenance properties via rigorous verification, making your operating more reliable and relaxed.

Reliability wins business opportunities

Durability, reliability and fuel economy are important factors to test the bus quality. Yutong 9 Series buses feature a reliable and durable chassis, long-life lamps and large luggage compartments, helping you improve your business operations.

Satisfied passengers, every time

Yutong buses’ fully optimised interior space enables passengers to enjoy the ride! Pressure-balanced seats ease your fatigue during journeys, and noise levels have also been improved. Ergonomic designs and innovative spacial technology mean you will win the customer over, every journey.